MIG 250F


MIG 250F


Adopting IGBT invertor technology, Easy Arc-Starting, Reliable and stable performance. Closed circuit feedback, constant output of voltage, suitable for wide range of voltage (+-15%). Controlled by electronic reactor, little spark, deep welding pool, nice welding seam. Slow wire feeding during arc starting, remove the ball at the end of the welding wire.

  • MIG Torch
  • Earth Clamp with Cable
  • Regulator
  • Gas House with Clamp
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Input Power Voltage (v)3P AC -415± 15 %
Rated Output capacity (KW)12
Voltage adjusting range (V) 14 - 40
Current Adjust Range (A)60 - 250
Welding wire (ɸ)0.8 - 1.0
Duty cycle (%)60
Full load Efficiency (%)89
Power factor 0.87
Weight (KG)18
Overall dimension (mm)541× 214× 303
  • High efficiency and energy savings; its power usage efficiency is up to 80 — 85%, its power factor is up to 0.93; and the energy consumption saving is up to 1/3 in total by comparison to the transformer welder.
  • Digital display, current & voltage preset function.
  • Continuous adjustment function of the welding current voltage with a sufficient wide adjustment range.
  • Capable of forming a good seam shape in the opposite side while making a backing weld.
  • Adapted an instant wire feeding circuit design, much more stable in wire feeding, capable of achieving highly stable wire feeding